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Get Sunday’s Record Flight Updates Here!

Last night, we posted Gordon Boettger’s announcement of his and copilot Hugh Bennett’s planned attempt to fly from Minden, NV to Garden City, Kansas in Hugh’s Duo Discus. We will be receiving regular updates and commentary throughout the flight from meteorologist and glider pilot, Walt Rogers, who is providing ground support to Gordon and Hugh. If you want to follow the flight, click the following links and check back with Soaring Cafe for images and Walt’s commentary as the flight progresses.- Editors

Downwind Glider Record Attempt – Sunday, 14 April – To Be Updated Throughout the Day

On Sunday, April 14th I will be attempting a downwind distance record attempt in a Duo Discus glider, an unmotorized, unpressurized, and unheated aircraft, launching from Minden NV (KMEV) located 30 miles south of Reno, Nevada. I will be flying along the jet stream utilizing mountain wave conditions, climbing to altitudes of up to 28,000 feet. My copilot is Hugh Bennett. We’ll be aiming for an area east of the Rocky Mountains, our goal being Garden City, Kansas, a flight of roughly 1030 miles (1658 km).

Thermals, Ridge, and Wave

Author’s Note: This is a reprint from my club newsletter about a weekend trip to Talihina, OK in February 2013. For more information on ridge and wave soaring in Oklahoma, check out http://talihinasoaring.com/Talihina_Soaring/Welcome.html. The toll booth operators in Oklahoma are getting smart. They wanted to know if I was headed to a glider convention. Jeff…

Werner Soars Like an Eagle!

On February 24, 2012, three members of the Eagleville (Tennessee) Soaring Club attended the North Carolina Wave Project: Bob Richard, Werner Ruegger and myself (Duff Zimmerman). The camp was conducted at a really nice grass strip, Shiflet (9A9). Out of the 12 pilots who tried to find the wave, only Werner was successful!

Nice post about Gordon Boettger’s recent flight

The Schempp-Hirth site has a nice short post about Gordon’s flight.  The article is in German but I find that my browser’s  translator works just fine. … We congratulate Gordon on this unusual flight. That this flight was made with a Duo Discus.   We are very happy and it shows once more that universal power…