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Ritz – Our WGC Blogger Extraordinaire!

Ritz has been doing an extraordinary job throughout WGC 2012, keeping us all updated on what’s happening at the WGC in Uvalde, almost minute-by-minute. Even better, she frequently adds her personal insights into the mix, based on decades of experience in soaring and her vast network of friends in the sport. Ritz has been heavily…

1000 km Goal from the Dutch-Belgium Border to the French-Spanish Border!

A report from young Belgium pilot Tijl Schmelzer, who managed after his 1,000 km free distance flight to write, within 48 hours [ mind you he had to drive with mum in the car back to Belgium, trailer behind!!! after a short but good sleep in a hotel], a prestigious article with pictures and statistics that reads as an adventure book of high quality. Inspired by the record flight from Lübeck [ N of Hamburg in Germany] to Bayonne/Biarritz [French Spanish border] by Hans Werner Grosse 40 years ago on April 25th and after very good preparations, Tijl started early Monday morning for this not too easy flight.

The Weather…is the Weather!

Sunday November 6 2011            www.soaring.eu Tough wind! Picture; courtesy Joop Everse. The weather is the weather and as a [glider] pilot you have to live with it…we all know! The weather can also be a topic when there is nothing else to say any more! The weather can be damaging, creating a lot of sadness, but…

www.soaring.eu is Now Linked to the Soaring Cafe

Let me introduce myself first for those who do not know me. My name is Ritz [from the Netherlands] and every Wednesday and Sunday I write a blog about soaring. It is NOT literature, but an easy reading blog to share news and soaring sentiment with all who are interested.