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Young Meets Old – Project K8

Young Meets Old – Project K8 From time to time you stumble over something really special and that right in front of your door. That kind of describes how I found out about those 3 people. Now, in the gliding world “right on the front porch” is probably a far stretched term, but living at least in…

News from Schleicher concerning ASK 21

Alexander Schleicher Flugzeugbau has published a new Technical Note (TN) concerning the usage of spin ballast with the ASK 21 and ASK 21 Mi. There have been seldom occasions in the past where it took up to three more turns in the spin until it could be recovered. This situation was a result of wrong…

Maiden Flight of the ASH 30 Mi

Gerhard Waibel sends the Soaring Cafe his first hand account of the maiden flight of the Alexander Schleicher ASH 30 Mi. We look forward to hearing more about the ASH 30 Mi and wish the AS Team all the best and much success.