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WGC 2012 Open Design Comparison

With all the drama in the 2012 WGC Open Class, here’s how the various designs compared by total average points, followed by the total number
of ships flown through the end of the contest (for calculating statistical variance).

Heading Home

It’s all over now and we are all heading home in various directions by various means. Gliders are being towed to ports for shipping and returned to their owners in the four corners of the USA. Our team is dispersing back to Australia and the USA, …

More WGC Coverage to Come…Watch this Space!

Watch this space for more coverage of the WGC 2012 closing ceremonies and prize-giving. We plan to post a slideshow and videos of the national teams, the winning pilots, the fly-bys, and more. Everything should be on the Café by tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Interview with South Africa’s Oscar Goudriaan (OG)

After the WGC 2012 closing ceremonies in Uvalde on Sunday, I interviewed Oscar Goudriaan of Team South Africa, who earned a spot on the podium for placing third in the open class. Oscar and his brother Laurens have represented South Africa in world gliding championship for decades and are obviously among the world’s very best glider pilots. It was a privilege to meet Oscar and to get his impressions of the brand new 21 meter JS1C from Jonker Sailplanes that he flew to third place in the open class. The JS1C is one of a new breed of open class gliders that reverses the decades-long trend in the open of incremental improvements and increasing span.

Nick’s day 13.

Nick, ST – Day 13, 18 AugHeavy cirrus to the north and over Uvalde and blue sky with CUs 30 km south. After release I climbed to 5000′ MSL under a small wisp under the cirrus deck, and seeing some small Cus to the east in the sun, I decided to go have …


32nd World Gliding Champions15 Meter Class – Sebastian Kawa  POL 11062 points18 Meter Class – Zbigniew Nieradka  POL 12170 pointsOpen Class – Laurent Aboulin  FRA 12084 points

PARTY…..Closing ceremony….and RAIN!!!!

Winners in 15 m, 18 m. and open class. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! 13.00 ; greetings from San Antonio! Not one drop of rain in weeks in Uvalde and last night it was RAINING, with heavy gusts of wind and thunder and lightning. This morning going to the closing ceremony it still rained, but when it started it just…