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Pictures from the Opening Ceremony!

  Mac in his Japanese traditonal clothes arriving at the stadium.   Team USA and gorgeous Brenda Seaborne.   The stage in the middle with the “HEROES”around it!   Eric Mozer and Team USA with crew   the audience. The Soaring Café team this week. Next week Rand will be here as well.

Pictures from the Pre WGC party!

  Very busy in the kitchen and the Country and Western Band.   Team Russia and part of team Denmark with Arne and his sister and wife in the middle.   Dennis the USA TC and the “sniffer”and    ….part from team Holland.   Belgium pilot Patrick here in 1991 and now and Dutch TC Rene…

First Report from SS Crew

Julius and I towed Ron’s trailer (SS) yesterday from Kerrville to Uvalde, following Rick Sheppe, who was towing Dick Butler’s (DB) trailer. Ron and Dick had been flying for several days, working the bugs out of Dick’s Concordia and a few onto the leading edge of their wings, trying to achieve the mind-meld that will enable them to team fly against the rest of the Open Class.