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Flying the HP-24

Flying the HP-24 image 2

The Tetra-15 is the first glider built as part of the HP-24 project. Brad Hill was the builder. Brad has a good track record of building gliders. He has also built a Russia and an Apis. The first flight of the Tetra was in January of 2012. Since then Brad has put around 500 hours…

US Sports Class Nationals Practice Day 1

Team F1 rolling to the grid

Greetings from Midlothian, TX, home of the Texas Soaring Association, hosts of this years Sports Class Nationals. I’m here flying a 13 meter Apis. My sister Amy is assisting as my expert crew. We arrived last night after finishing up the Region 10 North contest back at home. I was the CD there and Amy…

1-26 Championships Wrap-Up


No update for a few days, I know. I hate it when that happens, so here is the rest of the story. Thursday was, I think, the 5th attempt at Day 2. The morning meeting wasn’t very optimistic on the weather and Hutch called a 12:30 grid time. We decided to squeeze the annual 1-26…

Day 2 Try 4 at the 1-26 Championships


The morning weather briefing was for similar weather to yesterday, with lift and cloudbase in the 4-5000 range and southwest winds aloft in the 20-25 mph range. No one was very happy about this of course. The task was a 1.5 hr MAT with only the start and finish defined, everything else was up to…

1-26 Championships Day 2 Try 3


No report from yesterday because we didn’t fly. It rained during the pilots meeting and by the end of the meeting, CD Hutch called the day. Leah and I enjoyed a tour of the USAF museum up in Dayton. We returned to Caesar Creek in time to hear JimBob Slocum tell us all about how…

1-26 Championships Day 2 Try 1


Well the forecast this morning was pretty encouraging. We were given a 2hr TAT to the east and then south and back. There was a wind out of the south forecast in the 10-15 mph range but with cu forming around grid time we were optimistic. We have the Region 6 contest here now and…

1-26 Championships Day 1

Ready to go on Day 1

Once again I don’t think anyone was too inspired by the forecast this morning. Weatherman John Lubon said it was going to be blue blue blue, unless a crazy thermal was heated up enough to make it up to the lofty altitude of nearly 7000 feet. So, we all expected solid blue. What most of…

1-26 Championships Practice Day


Leah and I arrived at the beautiful Caesar Creek Soaring Club last night for the 1-26 Championships. For those unfamiliar, the 1-26 Champs are the only outlet in the US for one design sailplane racing, are organized by the 1-26 Association (, and feature competition among only Schweizer 1-26 gliders. With only 23:1 book performance…


The Cirrus at DeQuincy

On April 8th I had another incredible downwind dash starting in Wellington, KS. On April 2nd I had noticed on the long term prognosis charts that the 8th had potential to be a good soaring day in the Midwest.

Spring … Go South!

Glider at DeQueen

“Spring, Go South.” KSA members have been saying that for decades. Since well before Jim LeSeuer wrote his article “Distance in the Spring” in the March 1967 Soaring, pilots in Kansas have been watching spring cold fronts pass, watch the weather behind them closely, and occasionally chase one towards the Gulf of Mexico.