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The Road To Narromine – A Review

I recently finished reading The Road To Narromine, A Life Adventure: In the Air, On The Road and Behind A Camera. As with anything one enjoys immensely, I found myself talking with others about it only to find no one knew what I was talking about! So, as we glider pilots are prone to do, I feel compelled to share it with others, especially the soaring community.

Sequatchie Badge and Record Camp 2013

Sometime last Fall I saw the information announcing the Badge and Record Camp that Sarah & Jason Arnold were to hold March 5-14, 2013 out of the Marion County Airport in the south end of the Sequatchie Valley, just west of Chattanooga, TN. That brought back a memory for me of seeing a picture in the SSA magazine of the 2-33 (or was it a 1-26?) they have flying on a ridge at Chilhowee with the trees below covered in frost and snow.