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Taming the Tow in Condor

Your Café editors recently received an inquiry from a Condor simulator pilot (Larry), who needed advice on how to maintain a stable position during aerotow, so we asked our Condor experts, Scott Manley and Frank Paynter, to respond to the frustrated Condor pilot.

The LX Zeus: A Pilot Report from Roman Mraček

Vsi zeusi skupaj

I used the new LX Zeus during the European Gliding Competition (EGC) in Ostrow when it was installed in my Standard Cirrus. Once it was installed, I was very pleased, with the impression it created with its airliner type layout and particularly the labeled push buttons that made the system very user friendly for me.

WSPA’s February 2014 “Hangar Soaring” is Online

WSPA Welcome Sign, Chilhowee, TN

The February, 2014 issue of Hangar Soaring, a monthly publication of the Women Soaring Pilots Association (WSPA), is online. According to Hangar Soaring editor Frauke Elber, WSPA is the most active and visible Division in the SSA with a membership spanning the globe. Please help us to stay that way and encourage more women to…

The Art of Flying on Silent Wings: An Essay by Bob Buck

LS8 (NN) on Final Glide at Sunset

You play with a silent, invisible and illusive force. You try hard to do what the birds do easily. It is completely absorbing, commands all your attention and skill. You work, but in a calm, peaceful and rewarding way detached from the material world in an almost dreamlike environment. Kings may have their sport, but soaring is a sport of the gods and they kindly allow us mortals to share in it.

DLR reports the first camera-flight over the Himalayas

A few days ago, on January 23rd, the Mountain Wave Project (MWP) accomplished a first flight over the Himalayas in one of their Stemme S 10 equipped with a special camera to take high-resolution pictures of the highest mountains and deepest gorges on Earth. The goal is to model 3-D-pictures of remote mountainous regions to…

Solar Impulse: Watch a 72 hour Flight Simulation live

After unloading the Solar Impulse which meanwhile has returned from its solar-powered mission across the United States Solar, pilot Bertrand Piccard is currently simulating a 72 hour nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean. He “launched” yesterday, on December 17th and is expected to “arrive back on Earth” on the 20th. Everybody is invited to follow…