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AIR Glide – A New Take on Soaring Avionics

AIR Glide - A New Take on Soaring Avionics

AIR Avionics introduces AIR Glide – the new avionics suite for soaring at the SSA Convention in Reno, USA. AIR Glide is a flexible product line of soaring instruments that combines variometer, navigation, traffic avoidance and flight logging into one system.

Payne and Boettger on Wave Flights Today!

Photo by Gordon Boettger from Duo Discus

Jim Payne and Gordon Boettger both embarked on wave flights out of Minden, NV today, March 6, 2014. Jackie Payne has been blogging updates on Jim’s flight and Walt Rogers has been reporting Gordo’s progress on his blog. Both pilots are doing zig-zag flights between Minden, Susanville, and Mojave.

Antique Gliders flying in Brazil


Thank you to Francisco L. Galvão for sending us these beautiful photos.  – Editors To those who like vintage gliders attached are the photos of two well preserved and flying ones: an Spalinger and a Laister Kauffman from the brasilian glider club “Aeroclube de Baurú“