MILVUS… functional clothes specially designed for gliding!

About 2 years ago , Swiss glider pilot Daniel Baumli, was frustrated with the clothes he was wearing in his glider.He thought this should/could be better.
Now in November he had the WORLD premiere with his stand MILVUS at the Swiss Gliding Conference in Grenchen and from now on the clothes are for sale.
Here is his story!!!


" I started to fly sailplanes about 6 years ago. In the first couple of years everyone tries to stay under the clouds as long as possible. After a while you start to fly up to 8- 9 hours and you fly several 100km of distance. This is the time where you start to buy the right equipment and organize the narrow glider cockpit
Well I wanted to buy the right clothes, like I did for every sport before. I bought shoes for running or clothes for mountain-biking. But I didn’t find anything for glider pilots. I searched on the internet and asked all my soaring friends… but nothing. I was frustrated. But it was reason enough to found MILVUS together with 3 clothes designer around the corner.
Our goal: develop and offer sports apparel especially for the gliding sport

ZZZ MILVUS 3  zzzzMilvus 4

" Due to the collaboration between experienced clothes designers and well know pilots (like Bert Schmelzer or Daniel Rossier), we’re able to offer practical and valuable Apparel on a very high quality level.

Our first products are the breathable Pilottrousers with the name ALFA and the progression of it named BRAVO. We developed this trousers especially for sailplane pilots and they’re equipped with several features like:

Side pockets with direct access- that nothing falls under your seat
Extra long front zipper – for easy bladder/pee management
Kneepockets with penholder – for notes, checklists or maps
And many more…."

The" boys"  have just started so they will extend their collection step by step over the coming years. In the atelier in Zurich they are developing right now, a new and innovative pilot soft-shell jacket, polo shirt and hats.
Talking about "THE BOYS" ,they are 32 year old Daniel and his younger brother Michael who is 29, he helps out if needed. But both are also working 100% besides MILVUS .Michael is working in the IT business and Daniel as project leader in interior design.


Daniel and Michael.

" At the moment our products are available in our online shop in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Customers from other countries are able to order via E-Mail. Sailplane clubs can benefit when they make a collective order from our graded bulk discount. The Shipping for central Europe is free- when order over 80€ - other countries on request."

Of course I wanted to know where the name MILVUS comes from.
And here is the answer:
" I made my first solo flights in Ka-8. During one of this solo flights I circled the first time with a “red kite” (in latin “Milvus Milvus”) Since this is, I guess for everyone, a very special experience I remember it until today and this was the reason we call our brand MILVUS."

To show you how serious they are and what quality they produce I got as well some info about the designers and I like to share that also to give you the full story.

Marcel Geser
Marcel began his career as an apprentice in the field of tailoring and went on to a design internship at a snowboard apparel brand in Canada. After returning to Switzerland he co-founded a skiwear label that remains successfully in business today. He stayed with the brand for seven years before co-founding Development Never Stops in 2009.

Thomas Deutschenbaur
Before studying design in Munich, Germany, Thomas was a tailor’s apprentice. After completing his studies he moved to Italy where he worked as a designer for several renowned fashion houses. Back in Munich he started focusing on fitting and prototype development. Before co-founding Development Never Stops he worked as Head of Design Sportswear for an American underwear manufacturer and as Product Manager at a Swiss company that specializes in functional underwear.

Matthieu Haeuslein
Like his business partners, Matthieu started his career as an apprentice to a tailor in Zurich, Switzerland. He went on to study fashion design at the ESMOD International Fashion School in Munich, Germany. During the three years following his graduation he gained experience working at design agencies in different countries. He subsequently co-founded Development Never Stops.
All pictures courtesy MILVUS.

A big thank you to Daniel, to make time and share "his" interesting world, with us!
They deliver in every country if requested, except the USA and Canada for the moment... but they are working hard to resolve the insurance issues.

Good luck to this new business MILVUS. It's true,...why should you buy tennis clothes to play tennis and not real soaring clothes to soar???


Cu next time when something else which is interesting comes up. Till then.
Cheers Ritz

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  1. qwerty
    February 3, 2015 at 2:02 pm

    Looks very interesting – best wishes for the business.
    It would appear that there are distinct advantages for these trousers. Will have to try them when my current incarnation falls apart.

    I have been using builders trousers for quite some time. Like:,1000&layer=1&size=1000,1000&src=ae235/5794F_P

    The tool pouches around the waist work well at holding snacks as they flop-over the harness while keeping the buckle accessible. The knee pads save my knees when hooking-on. The empty pockets for the knee pads also work well in the air for holding maps, hats etc… in a location which is easy to reach but out of the way. I’ve sewn velcro onto the thighs and stick everything from GPS’ and cheap note pads to the velcro.

    Maybe some of these ideas could also be incorporated in the next version of charlie trousers.

  2. February 8, 2015 at 10:00 am

    Thanks for your Feedback.
    We will check that for our next version :)

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