212 pictures of the Vintage Happening in Arnborg.

As a die-hard glider pilot, you surely read the story about the VGC Rally in Arnborg [Denmark] by Bill Batesole and shared by Elke in the CAFE.  It turned out as I heard,  to be a fantastic event,  a huge happening with 420 people sitting for dinner on the Danish evening and lots of spectacular looking gliders starting and landing.

With that story and all these photographs you get the FULL picture of this event.
That's why  I share with you the link from Joergen Thomsen, who not only worked hard on the "tower" , but had time to make all those beautiful pictures as well.
212 Of them and they show the very best from our proud past in soaring!!! Is n't it great that they are still flying NOW, in the good care/hands of real "lovers"!!!!
Here is such a wonderful glider.Enjoy!

The Slingsby T 13.

The ANTONOV 15 and T 31 and T 21.

zzzzAntonov  zzzzT 31 and 21

 One of our Dutch pilots Aart Dekkers, had such an ANTONOV 15  too , in the far past.
By double clicking you can enlarge these pictures.

For all the rest with a huge THANK YOU to Joergen the link to 212 pictures and by clicking on them you see the names of the gliders.

Cheers Ritz

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