2014 SSA Convention Coverage … More to Come!

The 2014 SSA Convention ended Sunday, March 2nd with the traditional SSA Awards Banquet. U.S. Team pilot Garrett Willat presided as Master of Ceremonies.

Jim Payne delivered an exceptional and inspiring keynote address on "The Joys of Soaring," accompanied by a beautiful slide show, in which he reminded us of the breadth and depth of joy(s) a lifetime of soaring can bring.

Jim's address was followed by the awards ceremony, which recognized individuals and groups who have made exceptional flights or other major and lasting contributions to the sport of soaring and the SSA.

During the convention, your Soaring Café staff compiled hundreds of photos, scores of videos, and visited with equipment vendors, software developers, sailplane manufacturers, convention speakers, and other soaring notables. Over the next two to three weeks, we plan to select what we believe were some of the most interesting and significant things we learned in Reno and post them to the Café. So stay tuned for more SSA convention coverage!

Rand Baldwin

Rand is a Soaring Cafe Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief.Fascinated by soaring since early childhood, Rand learned to fly sailplanes while in graduate school (at Harvard’s Center for Astrophysics), and earned his private glider rating at Yankee Soaring in Plymouth, Massachusetts. He joined the M.I.T. Soaring Association in 1974, where he completed his Silver Badge and became a flight instructor. After moving to Huntsville in 1977, Rand flew and instructed on weekends at Eagleville Sailplanes south of Nashville, Tennessee. In 1985, he and a handful of other soaring enthusiasts organized the Huntsville Soaring Club at Moontown Airport. Rand chaired the 1996 SSA National Convention and has served as an SSA Director-at-Large, SSA Governor and State Record Keeper for Alabama. He has set two U.S. national soaring records and many AL and TN state records.

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