Two disabled Pilots accomplish a special 1000-km-FAI-triangle

Most people know what a handicap for a glider would be but, this story is somewhat different: On November, 26th two physically handicapped glider pilots flew an exciting 1000 km FAI triangle after launching from Gariep Dam in South Africa. On that day, the team accomplished the first 1000 km FAI triangle ever flown by two disabled pilots! This amazing achievement was made possible by flying a specially equipped Schempp Hirth Duo Discus XLT: Despite pedaling to yaw the two-seater, the rudder can be moved by a side stick.

Together with his South African copilot Simon Smith the Polish glider pilot Adam Czeladzki completed a “tough but rewarding flight”. After "torturing" the sustainer earlier in the morning, the crew then stayed in the air for almost nine hours... to finish their declared task. Soaring Café would like to congratulate the crew to the success!

Schempp Hirth published Adam’s exciting story and some pictures on the manufacturer’s website. In OLC’s daily scores you will find a second extended comment. Enjoy!