Himalayas: Kawa is getting closer, Ohlmann waves “Hello” to Mt Everest

A newsletter was sent out from Poland this afternoon (European time), claiming “success”. On the shortest day of the year 2013 it informed about Sebastian Kawa’s first flight from Pokhara, Nepal along the ridges of Annapurna, unfortunately in marginal weather. However, browsing through the Facebook page and the Everest Gliding website, the enthusiastic news bulletin was maybe a little early?

At the moment we only know for sure, that the glider, a Polish registered ASH 25 has arrived in Pokhara, and Klaus Ohlmann who has already undertaken several rides along the Himalayas in his Stemme was there to witness the rigging of the Polish ship. The Kawa team has gone through a similar hard time as the Mountain Wave Project's pilots did. After arriving in Nepal on November 18th, Sebastian and his team had to wait for exactly a month before the glider arrived… It was shipped via India and got stuck on its way on to Nepal. The pilots spent several weeks to receive the necessary documents and permissions which would allow them to fly in Nepal. Their story sounds very much like Klaus’ report. They were stuck on the ground, high ground, though.

the Title of the Polish Newsletter

the Title of the Polish Newsletter

On the Facebook page, which is unfortunately written 90% in Polish, you can follow the expedition on mountain hikes and walk with them through foreign colorful places. The szybowanie-page – a Polish expression for gliding – offers some more background information for example regarding the timeline. Fortunately it seems like the closer they get to their goal the more the pilots are speaking English. So, hopefully we will find more good news soon!

Attention! Don’t forget to have a look at Klaus’ quovadis-aero webpage. On his last trip five days ago he flew out east from Pokhara and was able to reach Mount Everest, the first glider pilot who has ever had this perspective, side by side with the Giant in a winter storm… He has published some stunning pictures and an exciting English report about soaring the Earth’s highest mountain range!

Elke Fuglsang-Petersen

Elke Fuglsang-Petersen started soaring after she finished her school and college education and found herself locked into a small office for the next 45 years. In German soaring clubs she met a lot of new friends, enjoyed a great way to get out, could see things from a different angle, and gained a better overview.

Meanwhile, she has traveled a bit, flown a lot, and lived in the US.She is happy to now know glider pilots from the US too and says, “they are as amiable as everywhere on the world.” She feels fortunate to have found a temporary soaring home in Boulder, surely one of the best and most scenic places to fly on Earth!

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