Back on Track! Happy Christmas to you ALL!!!

Pfff...., it was a tough time. Getting used to a new laptop and knowing you lost a " few things"  together with the old laptop,[ as all favorites,.....but we found 5000 pictures back with a 2d try on the back up!!!], is pretty nerve breaking, but I am ready to go for it again, though a bit slower as everything seems to be different, than "normal".

In between pilots had great fun, with long distances and nice comps, as in Narromine , the place to be for the next  JUNIOR WORLD GLIDING COMPETITION in 2015.The "young ones"  calling their comps JOEY Glide, after a baby kangaroo,  practiced already for that event.
They had pretty good weather in Narromine 5 out of 7 days and certainly the last days of the comps were good.
24 Pilots in club class tried hard to fly the best they could, even some from New Zealand. Alex and Nick flew JOEY glide last year as well and you could see they are getting better and better,  finishing this year on spot 2 for Alex and  6 for Nick, whilst their new Kiwi -mate Phillip finished on 7.
" I seemed to fly well in the weaker/marginal conditions but felt like I was a little off the pace in the very strong weather. Excellent practice for JWGC 2015 (also in Narromine)"
He is a real topper and flew the JWGC in Poland already,  as well as his mates Eric and Ailsa, who finished now on spot 3 and 4.
You see they are growing to a good climax in 2015, the potential is for sure there!

In South Africa the airfield of Welkom welcomed their guests for the South African Nationals. Till now they flew 4 days as they fly today as well.
After 3 days in 18 m. /open Pieter Nouwerns [2685] who had and excellent day 1, is still on top but only just as the Goudriaan brothers [2676 Oscar and 2673 Laurens]are on his heels.And they are followed by Dutch pilot Maurits Dortu [2653]and John Coutts [2618] whilst Ronald Termaat has 2610 points.
Big speed and long tasks as p.e yesterday with 166 km./h. over 521,5 km.

The 60 thiest open 15m. Nationals in Argentina were a prey for Damian Goldenzweig flying an ASW 20 a-c!With 10 out of 10 days he was 200 points ahead of the runner up and more on the other 28 participants. He was the winner of 4 day- prizes , though day 1 was an odd day with 3.00 AAT  set and only 199 km. flown by the best pilot that day, which was Damian and no finishers.

Lot's of friends enjoy their overseas soaring-time and REALLY enjoy it as on most places the weather is TOP. Some dip's in between, but that is for a good rest as 1000 km. flights are flown as if it rains.

Not such a long blog today just to see if it works.

I just received the fantastic picture book by Bert jr. Schmelzer. What a great book, fantastic layout and shiny paper all in the very best quality and then I do not even mention the PICTURES with the descriptions with it. MARVELLOUS!
A must have.You can see all about it on

 Bert jr book by Leo

As shared by Leo Simons.

CU next week
Cheers Ritz


HAPPY CHRISTMAS dear friends!!!!!!

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  1. December 15, 2013 at 9:37 pm

    I was already wondering where you were hiding. Good to see you back. Here is something else to look at

    Happy Holidays to you

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