Solo Again After 40 Years

Dutch born now Australian resident Dan vanderMeulen achieved a dream to re-join the ranks of solo glider pilots on Sunday 28th October 2013.

Dan commenced his gliding in his country of birth Holland in 1967 and last flew solo in Holland in 1973, with a growing family and immigrating to Australia just some of life’s speed bumps that were thrown his way his ability to continue flying went on hold .
In 2012 his now grown up kids having listened to Dad’s dreams to once again return to the sky in a glider purchased him a Trail Instructional Flight gift voucher with the Canberra Gliding Club as a Christmas present. Dan took this flight in April 2013, joined the club and after a lot of hard work soloed again in October 2013.

Congratulations Dan; your story and journey are inspirational.

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