Hangar packing; wood cutting; licence check

November 2nd was a busy day around GGC.  It was hangar packing day, with the arrival of cars, RVs, boats, and glider trailers...  The large hangar was re-arranged for the powered aircraft who will fly until the snow comes.  The Puchacz was put back into its trailer, and buttoned up after its annual inspection.  At the back of our Carpenter Shop (great for working on glider trailers, Golf carts, etc) is a heated workshop, with great lighting.  Club members can use it for 2 weeks - free!  All part of the superb facilities at GGC. It makes it easier to keep the club gliders in great shape, too...

R to L: Jarek, Jacques, Paul, and Gord with CZ, the Puchacz, in the workshop
Photo by me (remaining photos by Dan Duclos)

There was also a continuation of the wood-cutting, assisted by a large tree that fell during the significant wind event overnight (60 knot gusts), blocking the road.  With the Puchacz out of the way, the log-splitter was accessible, and it was rolled over to the clubhouse to deal with several weeks of wood gathering.  Some of the wood is very wet (water squirting out during splitting), and there is a lot down around the club.

Dan, Roger, Dan, Tom - missing Niall and the young'uns

This area was empty when we started - 2 cords... One of two wood sheds. Let the chain saws sing!

Men love small engines, and it really doesn't get much better than chain saws and power splitters!

Sandrine was keen to get her licence checkrides done, and Gord was available.  After the inevitable paperwork is successfully negotiated, GGC has had two successful checkrides in the last month!  Congratulations to Sandrine!

Sandrine and some guy (kidding John) earlier in the season

Last but not least, the chilled throngs got back to the toasty clubhouse, and Ray and Marcelle's annual post-packing bean dinner was appreciated by all - particularly the sugar pie!  Great work as always!

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