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Livno canyon by Bert jr.

Ritz in Uvalde by Frans Guise


Most of the mails I received last week are about overseas trips. My Belgium and UK friends are going to Bitterwasser. Lots of Dutch mates will travel soon to South Africa and Australia [Corowa] as well as some Danish pilots (Bacchus March, Stonefield and Tocumwal) and the soaring gods, as in WGC or EGC winners, travel to Kiripotib for the first edition of "Flying with the Champions." Of course "their students/trainees" will appear there as well.

Also quite a few mention Räyskälä 2014 and are looking ahead to this event. On FB I noticed their logo, which is very nice! It's blue and white like the Finnish flag.

Also the 2014 Leszno 33d WGC logo is great and colourful. It means the organisers are already very busy trying to make the lives of the pilots, crews and TC's good during these next 2014 WGCs.

More and more news or newsletters about soaring or related to soaring are on the market; do we want more? Brand new is the newsletter from Lake Keepit called "Keep Soaring" in 3 versions! The high resolution version:

http://www.keepitsoaring.com/LKSC/Downloads/Keep_Soaring/Keep_Soaring_Spring_2013_HR.pdf The screen resolution version: http://www.keepitsoaring.com/LKSC/Downloads/Keep_Soaring/Keep_Soaring_Spring_2013.pdf Or the Keep Soaring page on the club's website: http://www.keepitsoaring.com/LKSC/index.php/info-and-links/keep-soaring-newsletter

Livno town by Bert jr.

Livno Town

Also Andreea was so kind to inform us on FB, about All Things Aero: "Finally a website that includes soaring in aviation and has a glider pro as a contributor, Garret Willat." http://allthingsaero.com .
And of course under the name Miss Daisy Andreea writes a blog herself too; http://wordsaboutsoaring.com/

Don't rush there now as it is COMING SOON!!

Livno field by Bert jr

Livno airfield

Also very nice is the fun photo contest organised on FB by Antoine Latulippe in "GLIDERS FOREVER". Who has the most beautiful glider picture? Pilots from all parts of the world send their picture. When I last looked, already 52 pictures had been sent in. Who will have the most "likes"?

In the UK the FLYER Magazine is interesting to read. It's associated with the website http://www.flyer.co.uk ,
It started in 1994, so as of March 21, 2014, it will have been in existence 20 years.

On their site is written:
"FLYER boasts the very best writers in UK General Aviation. At the 2010 Aviation Journalist of the Year Awards, FLYER was the only General Aviation title to receive five nominations, more than all of the other UK General Aviation titles combined."

Livno by Bert jr final glide

In the German language, Flugfieber from Benjamin Bachmeier (www.flugfieber.net) is very good, as well as a personal blog from Patrick Puskeiler at www.kilolima.de . As you know Benjamin contributes to Soaring Café as well.

More young bloggers are: Neil Deijgers from Belgium, who writes in English at Soaring Adventures, and Aussie pilots Adam Woolley (Gliding Adventuresand Matthew Scutter.

And ... I should not forget the NZ news at SoaringNZ and GlideOmarama.

The Tocumwal news:
http://www.srgc.com.au/  and http://sportaviationtocumwal.blogspot.nl/

The Corowa, Benalla and Narromine news/site:
and just new on the "market";

In Namibia:

In South Africa:
http://www.gariepgliding.com/ at Douglas Airport
http://www.gariep-segelflug.com/ at Gariep Dam
http://www.soaring-safaris.com/ at Bloemfontein

Of course there are many more and when if you have or know of a blog or news site I should mention, please let me know. Thanks!
There are the big magazines everybody knows, but I thought it would be nice to share something more/else, that is also interesting.

Livno racing home

Final glide

So even in the "cucumber-time," when not a lot happens in our soaring world, there is a lot of activity. GOOD!!! I guess what I want to say is that SOARING is ALIVE!!!

To finish I come back on Livno, as I got from several people the message that it is REALLY good there.
"I can also second what you reported about Livno. This is probably the best place to be in a sailplane in Europe. I believe they are    improving infrastructure, then the only thing missing will be a good fleet of reliable and strong towplanes."
"There is a lot of potential there."

Here are the pictures WITH text/stories, by Bert jr. Schmelzer. He and his brother Tijl had a great time there—only 3 days—short but a great expedition!!!

Livno Bert and Tijl

Tijl and Bert jr at Livno airport
All pictures in this blog (6 from 56])are from Bert jr, made in Livno.

Enjoy the new week! CU again next Sunday, October 13th.For all the other news you can read also;

Cheers ... Ritz

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