Rainy and chilly

Six more annual inspections - OR, 55, RM, GP, JCZ, and TR; the Puchacz needs to be put into the trailer for winter storage.  Thanks to Steve S for getting us ready for storage.

A call for volunteers to help with woodcutting resulted in two people working hard to lay in some wood for the winter. Pictures attached.  We still need more cut, and what we did needs to be split and stacked in the green and brown sheds.  We could not get the splitter out since the Puchacz' wings are in the way. Thanks to Jarek for lending his trailer to get the lengths from where they were cut to the current location.  For those who intend to help this weekend, don't forget to bring ear protection - the chain saws and gas-powered splitter make quite a racket... 

Dan D #1 - a wood cutting machine

Dan D #2 - apprentice woodcutter

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