Greenflight-e-motion: Klaus Ohlmann Reaches Out for the Himalayas

Just four days ago, on October 13th, Klaus Ohlmann and copilot Anssi Soila took off in a well prepared Stemme from Strausberg's airfield close to Berlin. They are heading for the Himalayas. Their first leg took them southwards to the Alps. The project called "Nepal - Greenflight-e-motion" is organised by the Mountain Wave Project, which has already undertaken two successful expeditions to the Andes. Again the main purpose is to do climate research. Everybody can follow the flight to Kathmandu via SPOT on the  greenflight-e-motion website and hopefully the pilots will have time to update us on their progress. The route to Nepal is probably one of the biggest challenges of the project. Soaring Café wishes the whole team good luck for the mission and a safe trip!