23 August – PowerFLARM installation – RM

A PowerFLARM Brick was installed into the club ASW-20 this afternoon.

Here is a picture of the system on the bench, prior to connection for software loading:

RM panel - rear.  USB pass-through on left, and new capacity for the Winter vario

While we were in the panel, we replaced the capacity that was in RM, with a new Winter 0.45 l capacity. We also added a bit of weight to zero the needle, and tightened the instrument glass, which was not very tight. We hope this cures the -- interesting -- vario performance which has been seen by RM's pilots to date.  Please let me know how it works.

The pass-through for USB, just by Wolfgang's left hand
USB pass-through. Insert USB stick to load flarmcfg.txt and download igc files.  Green switch is power. LED is now non-functional.

GPS puck forward of the Bohli compass

Here's the location of the main box, with the Transponder/ADS-B receive antenna on top.  A bit messy - the wires will be shortened later (they won't move around now).  You cannot really see it, with the panel re-installed.

RM Brick/Antenna.  You can see the arm holding the display above, left.

RM's PowerFLARM showing 2D's position.  1 NM scale; 42 ft higher; 0.0 NM away; 0.1 kt climb, 2D.

2D's PowerFLARM showing RM; 2 NM range scale; 45 ft lower, 0.0 NM away, not climbing, RM. 

The two gliders were in the main hangar, about 75 feet apart.  The systems use GPS altitude (always the same in the same area), not pressure altitude, which can vary a lot.  With only 2 hangar doors open, and few satellites in view, I assume multi-path propagation and signal reflection caused the altitude errors in this picture (you don't see such errors outside).

To change range scales, press (GENTLY) and turn the knob.  There is a database for PowerFLARM-equipped gliders, where you can insert contest letters, name, home field, frequency to contact, etc - called FLARMnet.  All GGC gliders are in the latest bfn file (0019bd.bfn).  The file will be updated on a frequent basis (when I do mine).

We buttoned up the ASW-20 and 2D, and then installed updated pockets on the right side of CZ's cockpit.  This will give a better place to store things while we fly - and it was a lot of work from Wolfgang to get them to this point.  Here's a picture of Wolfgang positioning the pockets:

Another nice day of work at the club. It was very pleasant; Bob came out to fly the RV-6 too.  The clouds looked soarable, and it was nice and cool - much better than earlier in the week.  I'd like to thank Wolfgang for coming out to help.

Dr Jack says Saturday will be very, very good... see you at the club!  And, plan to fly early and often on Sunday - yours truly is AM Field Manager!


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