[Video] Fjord Soaring 2013

We hope you enjoy the video from this year's soaring above the fjords in Western Norway—some of the most spectacular terrain in the world!

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Arne Martin Güettler

I started gliding four years ago. I've used Condor extensively for training, which has resulted in a fast learning curve. Won Norwegian sports class nationals in 2012. Became part owner of a Discus bT later that year, and since then have travelled around in Norway to do cross country flying, particularly in mountain terrain, and in 2013 did the most total km on OLC Norway.I like to document my flights with photos and videos. Videos can be seen at my YoutTube channel.
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  1 comment for “[Video] Fjord Soaring 2013

  1. Ricardo
    July 18, 2013 at 8:00 am

    Great video, spectacular Palace to glide.
    Congratulations and good landings.

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