My First Solo

It seemed to me that this Saturday is just an average day again. I knew that I was close to the first solo, but I still had made some mistakes so I thought that I will have the great moment later. Probably this will be next week, but not now.

However, I felt something exciting... I got my Student Glider Pilot License on Friday, I now have everything needed to fly alone, but I didn't want to force this. The instructors will choose the right moment.

The weather was perfect for a beginner, just light breeze from the North and parallel to the runway so I had the first take-offs after starting the flying day at 8 a.m. A well-known instructor gave me useful advice after 2 take-offs and then I started my checking take-offs with an other instructor.

photo by Eszter Szondi

photo by Eszter Szondi

I was so nervous, I felt that I was not ready to solve the problem, but when I was in the air I became calmer and calmer and I didn't forget about the tips and advice that I got.

The pilots and instructors were waiting for my pancakes impatiently and I was successful during these 2 checks so I got the chance to have my first solo.

This was a brand new experience for me and I am sure that it is unforgettable for a lifetime. Everything went well, I didn't forget about the points of the check-list and I was very happy when I was walking to the airplane alone with some weights and pillows. It is incredible, I will have complete freedom and responsibility, but it is not a charge on me!


Ready for my First Solo. photo by Eszter Szondi

Those moments in the air run away quickly and I was walking on the ground again when I noticed that this was my first solo and I forgot about worrying and the difficulties that I had.


photo by Eszter Szondi

The boys were waiting for the celebration and the pancakes all day long, and my family helped me so they made more than 100 pancakes. At the end of the flying day I got the hard earned slaps on my bottom but the boys were humane to a girl :)

The next day I was enthusiastic when we started the day, the weather was very nice again and I had two checks before the solo flights. I didn't worry so much now, I was more self-confident, and this day I was a bit better. I finished this weekend with an exam "b" in my pocket, which means that in good weather conditions I am able to fly a circle over the airport without the instructor's help.

This is difficult to reproduce the atmosphere of the weekend in my aspects but I was really-really glad after the new experiences. These were the days that I was waiting for a long time... these unforgettable moments in the air, when I was as free as a bird, as carefree as a child, as easy-going as I have never been before. :)

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Adrienn Kiss

Adrienn is a student and still live with her family near Miskolc — a smaller city. According to Adrienn, she loves writing and one of her friends suggested that she start a blog about her flying experience. Her blog is written in her native language and can be found at

Adrienn tells us that in June, 2012, her father received a nice present: a short flight with a Cessna 152 at an airport above Miskolc. She had enough time to go with him to the airport since it was summer and she found the airport world very compelling: a group of young people, a lot of airplanes. Of course, she was introduced to soaring too.

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  1. Gerard the kiwi
    June 13, 2013 at 5:44 am

    Congratulations: I think most (I would hope all) remember the day of our first solo.

  2. June 13, 2013 at 3:48 pm

    Congratulations Adrienne. What type of airplane were you flying? We have a women’s soaring pilots group here in the USA which has members in 10 different countries. Check our web page and see if you would like to join us.

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