Not a Lot of High Heels and Lipstick during a WWGC!

I know there are quite a lot of people who question why a WWGC should be flown. "They" fit well in a normal WGC is what's said.
My personal opinion is that women are very capable of flying in the normal WGC, as we have seen in many WGCs in the past, especially last year with three ladies in Uvalde and at least one (Sarah) in Chaves, but if you add at least 30 top women to  the "normal" WGC , it would be just too full. The lists are full already now and luckily there are more and more women in competition soaring too.

So a WWGC with only ladies competing—WHY NOT—is a great event and getting better by the year. Not long anymore and the 7th WWGC will be flown in Issoudun in France from June 30 through July 12 2013, with practise days on June 26 and 28 and ladies from 16 countries.

A lot of women have practised to be at their best, but the weather has not cooperated. At the moment Alena Netusilova from the Czech Republic is practising in the 18 m Grand Prix from Slovakia at Prievidza.

Alena is good, as we noticed already in Uvalde when she was one of the ladies flying a " normal" WGC. She will be there with a big team under the TC leadership of Petr Krejcirik, who flew in Uvalde as well in open class. Nine girls will perform in the three classes.

 Andreea Alena

Alena in Uvalde
picture coutesy Andreea.

Germany even has two more, the BIGGEST team, as they bring along two world champions on top of the nine pilots—Susanne Schödel in 15 m and Sue Kussbach in Standard Class. The very experienced Uli Gmelin is their TCSusanne flew in Uvalde as well!!!!

Andreea Susanne

Courtesy Andreea.

Good to see Kerry Claffey is flying too. After the Australian Nationals in Benalla ended this year, she was so kind to give me a lift to Tocumwal, where I stayed. She then had to continue to Queensland. When I asked her if she was going, she thought it would be too complicated to go. I tried to inspire her; don't know if it helped, but at least she is on the preliminary list with her husband Tom as crew and Team Captain. Good on them! You might remember Tom flew in Uvalde and Kerry crewed then for him. Now it will be the other way around.

Two girls who have never flown in a WWGC before and who represent their countries, the USA and The Netherlands, both also participating for the very first time in a WWGC, are Sarah and Natasja. Sarah flew the WGC in Chaves this year.
In the latest Hangar Soaring, the magazine of the Women Pilots Soaring Association,  is a long story about Sarah's experience in Chaves.
It is digital nowadays;

Andreea13   Nk bedankje Natasja

Sarah who was one of the tow pilots in Uvalde and Natasja, who has served for three years as the DUTCH CD during our Nationals.

Certainly not for the very first time are the UK ladies with former champions on their team. Always a strong team with five ladies in two classes this year. The total WWGC club class team is  participating in their club class Nationals at the moment at Lasham having SUPER weather;  Claudia Hill , Helen Hingley and Ayala Truelove-Liran.

And what about the French  where nine ladies represent the country with Eric Napoleon as their TC?

Jutta just flew the GRAND PRIX and was in spot 13 by three points, while Amelie flies (today—last day) the military comps in Romorantin. Maybe the word FLYING is incorrect as ALL days till now were cancelled.

Finland sends one lady in 15 m class and Italy three, amongst them Elena, whom I met several times at comps. Their TC is very experienced not only as TC but also as pilot and CD —Giorgio Ballarati.

Sweden has three pilots as well with my friend Teresa as one of them. Denmark flies with two ladies, one of them Agnete Olesen (world champion).

Hungary will be represented by two ladies, one of them Osolya, whom I met at the JWGC—and Russia comes with five. Lithuania and the Ukraine both with one, and last but not least Poland with five ladies including Joanna Biedermann.

When we get closer to this WWGC, we will share more thoughts about it.
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Cheers ... Ritz

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