Halfway to First Solo

The weekend is just 2 days, 24 hours twice, but I could enjoy each and every moment, all of them would be memorable later.

Am I at a new milestone?  I think so.  Or, I am just on the way to reach this milestone, as I reached the half point of my training towards the Exam B and solo, when I'll be able to fly without a tutor.  Just some weeks passed, as I started this season on 20th of April, but I spent all my weekends at the airport and now I am closer to reach my goal.  I remember to my first steps: how to fly straight ...  how can I turn to a precise direction.  These are int the past ... now my new problem is the landing, as I will finish I/4 soon, which means that I should be able to control everything from the take-off through landing.

This Saturday I was a bit unsure.  But, on Sunday everything went well ... and even better, the weather was fine both days.

This weekend I had some new experiences; first, and probably the most important, were the new tutors.  All of them have a different style, but I gained more experience and learned new things too--it was useful.  Flying needs more than great enthusiasm, it also needs complete focus, you should have it on the brain.  And I have :)

As I mentioned before, I was introduced to new things ... I tried hang-gliding!  Am I mad?  Oh, I was a hothead, I was totally crazy ... I was so excited when I was sitting in this strange machine and I grabbed my t-shirt desperately.  What will happen?  Will I stay alive?  However, I can claim that it wasn't frightening, just a new feeling and the surroundings were nice ... small group of trees, yellow fields everywhere, straight roads with small cars.

And then the next day I got a taste of thermal columns, after the 5 minute long circles it was a marvelous treat. We took off without any hope, on that day other boys couldn't find so many thermal columns, but we were lucky, we rose with 2m/s, and then we reached 1,100 m. What a beautiful view I have seen!  I had the chance to try how to move in thermals which was totally new for me.  Thank you for the pilot again, it was one of my best flights. :)


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Adrienn Kiss

Adrienn is a student and still live with her family near Miskolc — a smaller city. According to Adrienn, she loves writing and one of her friends suggested that she start a blog about her flying experience. Her blog is written in her native language and can be found at www.glidingirl.blog.hu.

Adrienn tells us that in June, 2012, her father received a nice present: a short flight with a Cessna 152 at an airport above Miskolc. She had enough time to go with him to the airport since it was summer and she found the airport world very compelling: a group of young people, a lot of airplanes. Of course, she was introduced to soaring too.

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  1. Frauke Elber
    May 12, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    Hello “gliding girl”. I want to bring to your attention that there is an international Women Soaring Pilot Association (WSPA). We have over 200 members in about 10 countries. Check us out on http://www.womensoaring.org. We invite you to join us. You would be the first member from Hungary.

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