2013 New Zealand Youth Training Camp [Video]

Philip Dunlop put together this nice video of his season gliding as a youth glider pilot in New Zealand. They have a fantastic youth glide program there and most of the footage is from their youth training camps in Matamata and Omarama.


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  1. Gerard the kiwi
    May 11, 2013 at 5:20 am

    Philip’s done a good job showing what can be done in a small country, where it’s perhaps easier to work together. I don’t know what’s done elsewhere in the world, but – for the sake of soaring’s future – we need to share our ideas about how to attract and retain the next generation of pilots.

    Equally, there are so few women in soaring that we need to ask what would attract them and what they don’t like now, what barriers there are to their participation. I must admit, I tend to think of soaring as golf with wings. Please share your ideas/

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