“Hold Fast to Your Dreams” – a New Book by World Champion George Lee

Last summer, the Café announced the imminent publication of an autobiography by three-time world gliding champion George Lee. Well, the wait is over. George received the first copies of "Hold Fast to Your Dreams" in late January, and the book will soon be available to readers worldwide from a variety of booksellers.

Hold Fast to Dreams Cover by George Lee

As George says in his most recent blog post,

"My supply of my book has just arrived and it was great to actually hold it in my hand after such a long period of excited anticipation. As the book was printed in Korea it was always going to be the case that I would receive the first copies. However, this bodes well for the book to be available in the US in February and in the UK by 1st March. It is also available now through Amazon as an e-book [Kindle edition - Ed.]. I intend that it will be available through [my website], primarily for customers in Australia and NZ, but this will not be the case until early April when Maren and I have returned from Europe and my IT man has been able to set it up for Paypal.

"Paul Remde is expecting to receive his supply in early February and I believe that Barnes and Noble are advertising its availability from 28th February. I have just checked the Amazon website and they seem to be advertising the print version as being available from 1st February."

George was the first (of only two) sailplane pilots to win the open class world championships three times, beginning in the 1970s. Your editors have followed George's soaring career since his first world championship and have enjoyed numerous "Sailplane and Gliding" articles by this extraordinary pilot in the decades since. We eagerly await our copies of George's new book.