Soaring Society of Boulder Media Blitz

The Editors thank Colin Barry, Reed Von Gal, and Elke Fuglsang-Petersen of the Soaring Society of Boulder for alerting us to the excellent newspaper article and local TV spot about their club. We encourage more clubs to contact their local media to promote the sport and recruit new enthusiasts into soaring. The SSB video is an excellent online resource for all soaring operations. The next time someone asks you about soaring, point them to this video.

The Soaring Society of Boulder has enjoyed some recent excellent media coverage. Earlier this month we were featured in the Denver Post. This article was then picked up by the AOPA. This week our community web TV channel, The Boulder Edge, released a video, which presents a positive view of our organization and what we do.

I would like to thank SSB member Elke Fuglsang-Petersen, who reached out to make this video and article happen.

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