XG -dusty competition

Since beginning of contest I had problem with instruments.
To find the problem I had to be at airport before 7AM as it was only
time when it was possible to do any work .
After flight it was to hot, in addition a lot of dust is blowing to our
parking area in the evening so any work is just waste of time with poor
One day it was so hot that before take off my Cambridge Vario/Logger
was cooked and refused to start. After 20 minutes in flight when I
stayed under cloud base and all cooled down I was able to start
Cambridge ,I had electrical vario, but as secondary logger it was
useless due to in flight activation , any break down of primary logger
would invalidate my flight.
For four days I had very limited possibility to use my computer display
as Flarm blocked my controller ,after four days of tries and errors I
was able to fix my problem.
Every day speeds are higher and higher and every minute is very
expensive, one extra turn cost fortune one mistake and large number of
pilots are way ahead .
We will fly next two days then rest day and second half of the contest
will begin. We are getting used to the heat, but dust is big problem as
it is everywhere .Before take off all gliders are treated continuously
with blasts of dust lifted by driving cars ,tow planes and dust devils.
Jerzy XG

This is a syndicated post. Read the original at Canadian Team - WGC 2012 - Uvalde, Texas, 2012-08-09.

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