XG day 8

Maria was brave enough and took helicopter flight to get picture of 15M
and 18M gliders grid.
Today we had possibility of thunderstorms arriving in Uvalde after 4:30PM
One strategy was to start early and finish safely before thunderstorm
arrival ,other option was to gamble and start late counting that
thunderstorm will arrive later or not at all.
I decided to start late which in end effect paid off . I flew alone met
Poles and Germans on second leg ,but decided to fly on my own . I hit
couple 10kt thermals and was able to connect with short cloud streets.
When I arrived back in Uvalde thunderstorm was just approaching.
We received gust front which arrived just after my landing . Wind
changed direction 180 degrees and plenty of dust was blowing over our
gliders and trailer,dust was everywhere. After 10 minutes all returned
to normal, thunderstorm died and we never received any drop of rain.
Some time gambling works :)
Jerzy XG