Still hot in Uvalde .Epic flight from Dutch youngsters!

UVALDE TEXAS on Wednesday August 15 2012

Good morning, from Uvalde and look at this news we got!!!

 —After the Junior Pre-World Contest in Leszno, Poland ended on Sunday 12 August, the Dutch competitors (Jan Willem van Doorn, Stefan Telkamp, Sander Luimes en Nick Hanenburg) decided to fly back home to Holland on Monday 13 August. They almost made it: Their flight ended at Stadtlohn airfield which is located virtually on the border between Holland and Germany. They covered a distance of almost 700km’s, an epic flight!…send by Raymond Teunissen.

See .—

On top of that young Stefan Telkamp was 2d during this Pre WGC with only 37 points behind the number 1. Good on him and congratulations to ALL boys for such a fantastic flight!! Also the last day showed a day win in club class for Nick Hanenburg from Holland. As you see Holland has a future in soaring, it even looks bright!!!!

The CIM in Italy continues till the 17th and my friend Jelmer was last on day 7 what a pity. He lost some places now overall in the 2 seater class and is on  spot 6 after 7 days!
Pleased to see that after 7 days Alvaro is first in open class in his ASH 31.And as pleased to see young Davide on spot 1 in the club class scores after 7 days! Only 40 points ahead of local pilot/hero Luca Urbani who flew several WGC’s as well in the past.
The Austrians are always flying well in Rieti, and Werner Amann shows it by being the best in 18 m. class after 7 days! Mate Gregor Stögner is on spot 2 .


These Italians are NOT in Rieti this year. They are here. Alberto Sironi, Stefano Ghiorzo and the hard woirking TC Roberto[specially for Marina and Giorgio!!!!]

Heard there have been some 1000 km. flights on the OLC in Germany, over the last month. Sorry have n’t had time to check.It pleases me to hear that the weather in Europe seems to be good.

For all the news about the WGC you can go to 
Unfortunately some people can not read us anymore. We are on a public net and have been hacked. We mentioned it to the server, the problem should be solved by now I hope!!!

Greetings from Ritz in windy Uvalde where we are about to begin day 10 with AAT’s . Cheers

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