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Good morning!

After the WGCFour days ago I was leaving Uvalde for Orlando via San Antonio. It was raining for the first time in a long time in Uvalde and everybody participating at the WGC was nicely dressed and ready for the closing ceremony and airshow. Although it was the same noisy and happy crowd as always, for the first time we were all kind of silent and saying good bye in lower voices.
I hugged some (the ones I could spot) of my old and new friends and left for the SA airport. Everybody was crowded under the 2 tents as it was still raining.
About 8 hours later I was in Orlando looking at my computer and seeing pictures of the champions and ceremony. It was wonderful to see such a beautiful end to this great WGC edition.

Since I've been back I am only telling and re-telling the stories from Uvalde. And this got me to realize what a great experience this has been and how many wonderful people I've met and worked with.

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