It’s over and out! A pity!!!

San Antonio Texas on Sunday the day after the closing party and closing ceremony!

 It’s over and out. Loved every minute except for 2!!! Loved the friendship from all, loved to catch up with friends I had not seen ” for ages ” and loved being part of this 32d WGC.
It had for me 2 downs but 98 UP’s!!!!!! And the up’s will remain in the memory.

My name Ritz was the “Hottest topic ” on google for several days, what about that,I seem to have brought soaring-joy to many I do not even know. People called their friends in Uvalde and wanted to talk briefly with me as they knew I would be busy. I was even asked for signatures???!!!!
I was really touched. This job is so easy for me, I sit down and I write that’s it!!!
Observing is a gift, more then writing I guess.
Got a mail from
—my idol Ed Kilbourne, [ when I wrote about the dust at the field , he could taste the dust between his teeth] —a big friendly hug from DB,[seems special! was special! ]he was during the comps as I said before SO relaxed and pleased with his big ship]
— invitations to several private parties[I could not attend all as I did not want my friends to drive me up and down all the time!] and to be honest I sometimes feel “age” as after a long day of sitting in a hot steamy windy tent I fell at 8.30 PM in bed and slept!!!!
I met the young man , the brilliant former student , as Loek Boermans calls him, of the University of Delft , heavily involved with the Concordia. He happened to be a fan from me and I am a fan from him now, what a down- to -earth -pleasant young man.On the picture to the r.;Johannes Dillinger.To the left Stefan Benardie also from the University of Delft.

My bosses Bill and Rand were HAPPY with me , the blogs put their soaringcafe even more in the middle of the attention!
They  paid 2 nights in the fancy Sheraton for me on the RIVER WALK in San Antonio, to relax and…wow is it beautiful here.

Carol her husband Bill and Rand.

The mid-air-collision on the last but one day was a bit of a damper on the joy of the earlier days. Luckily Peter Hartmann [Austria] bailed out safely and landed with his parachute in a pretty remote area,  while the French pilot Louis Bouderlique could fly home. 2 Young German pilots Susanne and David saw the emergency of the situation straight away, they aborted their task to stay over the crash and warned the SAR and CD ,giving them the co-ordinates of the spot. When he heard the SAR helicopter would take longer , Mark Hufstuttler the CD from 1991 jumped in his helicopter and flew straight to Peter to pick him up. After they arrived , Peter was checked straight away by the WGC dr. at the side of the helicopter and Mark carried the life saving parachute in his hands. In between Louis had landed at the field escorted by David and Susanne!!! What a great way of showing ….you are a friend/mate!
Peter was checked in hospital as a precaution but was back on briefing the next day together with Louis. This morning they walked in the farewell parade.

Back to other business.

 Glad readers keep reading my own blog as well, now it is less “good”.
Got a mail from Holland [Thanks Frank] with the correct scores of the Pre JWGC in Poland. On soaringspot they combined the 2 classes in club one from the ” older boys/girls ” and one from the JWGC club class. I could have figured that out when I would have had more time. Sorry about that
So here you are;

Official results:
Junior Pre-World Club
1. Stefan Telkamp
2. Fabian Stumpfl
3. Erich Hinetrholzer

Junior Pre-World Standard:
1. Petr Svoboda
2. Martin Piskacek
3. Jacek Flis

Team Cup Results:
1. Austria
2. Czech Republic
3. Netherlands
Again CONGRATULATIONS to all young ones!!!!!

6 Days and 2 cancelled ones during the Club class Nationals in France. Guests won; Roman Mracek and Miloslav Cink from the Czech Rep. but they few HC and can’t be CHAMPION, so Julien Henry [LS4] won these French Nationals with 3523 points. Runner up Eric Soubrier [Pegase] with 3486 points.
Brian Spreckley flew as well HC in the Libelle. In the end of this year he will be chief steward in Chaves, while Peter Ryder will be again the president of the JURY.

Uli Gmelin and his wife Chrissie and their kute little son  Fin, will go slowly from Uvalde to Chaves as well , travelling  4 months with the camper to the next WGC. What a life!!!!

First time since 3 weeks that I have time to check the OLC again. Pleased to see Bert Schmelzer jr. had another nice flight this time from Vinon, visiting the Matterhorn and fly around it. Gilles Navas had some great flights from  Vinon as well. Looking forward to Bert’s pictures!

 When I am back home I will be back to my normal self in my own blog. Cheers for now, Ritz

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