Greetings from hot Uvalde.

Uvalde Texas August 1 2012

In the middle of the practise days, 2 to go today and tomorrow. Then the opening and then the real thing will start! Looking forward to it.
Not all pilots fly, you really need a rest day in between.
I have never been drinking SO much as here.Most of the people are very kind . It was great to catch up with all the friends, look for news over them in my blogs at soaringcafe. Here some impressions in pictures.



Pictures; A Dutch trailer on USA/Texas soil, a South African Swimming pool, a JS1-2C wingtip ,USA 18 m.  Bill Elliott concentrating and TC Teemu from Finland helping out his team

The pre worlds for juniors in Leszno had 2 practise days and will be on from 2 -12 August. Try to keep an eye on it.

Was talking to the Danish wife from Arne yesterday and asked her if Jan Andersen still was flying. We met him at quite some comps in the past lovely guy with a lovely family , 4 kids if I remember well and a good pilot too.
He was she said …not in open class this time but in standard class during the Sun Air Cup in Arnborg. They started with a cancelled day,  had 2 flying days, 4 cancelled days and yesterday and the day before they were up in the air again. And Jan tops the list at this stage in standard class.  
nice to see Ib is flying there as well as Rasmus. 

Klippeneck is on as well since July 27 with 48 pilots in 4 classes. One of the pilots flying there is Bert Schmelzer jr and…when he flies we can expect great pictures again  one already above and here is the link to the rest, enjoy;

Not so much time to do research so see you next Sunday.

Cheers Ritz

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