Dave’s Day 5

Another jewel of a day in Uvalde today.  There was a possibility of thunderstorms hitting the airport around 5 pm, so the tasks were set shorter today to give us a chance to l make it home before they hit.  As it turned out, the storms were not a factor as they stayed north until about 7 pm, and then skirted just west of Uvalde.

Today's area task had most of the legs aligning well with the winds and we were able to run some streets to help boost the speed.   Looking at my route below, it appears that I made too big of a deviation on the eastbound leg.  I had originally planned to hit the north end of the final area, but it started to look better in the southern part of the area, so I turned right and pushed into the southern part.  This caused me to fly at least an extra 10 km and on a 2:45 task was a costly 4 km/hr deviation

The lift was better today, my best climb 7.5 kts and overall average of 6.2 kts for 12% of the task time. I didn't have any long runs like yesterday, but I did have 6 runs over 50 km.  Today's speed was 148.3 km/hr over 444.6 km for 8th on the day.  Jerzy was a hair faster for 7th on the day, for what I think is the first ever Canadian 2 in the top 10 on a day!