Dave’s Day 10

The weather today was a mix of cu and blue conditions on different parts of the course.  The first three and a half legs were in the cu, then we transitioned into the blue, and then on the final glide back into the cu again.  Jerzy and I flew together for the entire task today and it worked really well with each of us taking the lead at various times throughout the flight.

We had a great final glide, with our last thermal 118 km from the finish line and then a scorching run home with a 20 kt tail wind to give a speed of 199.9 km/hr on the final leg.

We tried to maximize the second and third turn areas as we expected the conditions to be worse going into the east and south turnpoints, and they were - mainly because of the blue. We were able to run cloud streets on the second and third legs and catch up with and then pass the group that left before us.

For our efforts today, WE netted 3rd place - I'm not counting the one point difference!

This moved both Jerzy and me up a couple of places in the overall standings.