Uvalde! Which Gliders in What Class!

Alphen aan den Rijn     Sunday July 22 2012

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For ALL the news about Uvalde you can click on SoaringCafe.com [above] and you find the LATEST and also what happened last week. A WGC is the highest form of competition soaring in our sport, so I will spend a lot of time on it, not only on the Soaring Café site.

Without forgetting in this blog all the other news you are used to, I will continue my blog as well on Sunday and Wednesday while being in Uvalde, as well as writing every day for SOARING CAFE.

On the way in a glider from Houston to Uvalde.

Bruce Taylor (Australia) departs the Greater Houston Soaring Association (GHSA) gliderport in his new 21m JS1 with destination Uvalde on Thursday July 20th.
Picture and text ; courtesy South African Gliding Team.
As you know Bill Elliott and Rand Baldwin have set up the “café” to share our soaring stories, news about competitions and interesting technical news. Last week we invited all TC’s or a member of the team  participating at Garner Field to be part of the Soaring Café blogs. Most of them have answered with a YES and you can click on the WGC Uvalde item in the main menu bar already now to read all the latest by the several teams. So on ONE spot you can find lots of stories from the different teams in Uvalde.


One of the HOT items in SOARINGCAFE of course was and is the Concordia. Dick’s stories about the progress of this magic project got lots of readers! I look forward to catch up with Dick again after many years and to make my OWN picture of the Concordia. What a fabulous project he started!!! I heard the glider flies super and I hope Dick will have great safe and fast flights in it.

As said before I look forward to the difference in performance in open class this year. It will be VERY interesting.
The gliders have been added to the pilots now and at this stage I counted 4 JS1-B gliders in open class flown by the Aussies and …what Aussies! Former WGC champion in 1991 Brad Edwards and topper Bruce Taylor AND…. another two will be flown by the Goudriaan brothers, who both have flown WGC’s as long as I’ve known them! So four JS1-Cs in open class!!!!!!
Further on, Tilo and his men worked HARD, very hard!!! Seven Quintus M gliders are competing, two EB 29s, two Antares 23Es, three EB 28s, three ASW 22 BLEs, one ASH 25, two Nimbus 4Ts and the Concordia!!!!

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  1. Ben
    July 22, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    Interesting Schleicher’s ASH 30 Mi is not in Uvalde. Has the ASH-30 Mi flown in any competition?Is the sailplane still in prototype?

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