Concordia Update – 14 April 2012

On our way home last Saturday from the U.S. Team Training Camp at Chilhowee, Tennessee, your editors made a detour to visit Dick Butler's workshop. We found Dick and Christian Streifeneder hard at work on Concordia. Dick and his collaborators have been putting in very long days to get Concordia ready for flight testing this spring. With the World Championships in Uvalde, Texas only three months away, they have no time to waste.

The finish on the wings, tail surfaces, and fuselage is gorgeous. Photos cannot do it justice. You really have to see it up close and personal to appreciate the quality of the finish. We've raved about the fabulous job M&H Soaring did on the finish in previous reports, but we can't help mentioning it again. It is truly a work of art.

We hope the photos that follow convey some sense of Concordia in its current state and give our readers a more detailed and comprehensive snapshot of the project than is possible in our one-photo-a-day series.

For a complete history of the project, click here.

Control seal installation underway on right wing

Applying tape to secure Mylar seals

Inboard panel wing root and control hookups

Control pushrod ends at mid-wing panel root


Access hole for controls on right wing


Instrument panel

Cockpit floor

Cockpit looking toward rear

Vertical fin sans rudder

Airbrakes - front view

Airbrakes - view from trailing edge

Dick hard at work

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