Beverley [West Australia] is HOT !

When I noticed the fantastic flights yesterday from Beverley in West Australia, about 130 km east from Perth, with a St. Cirrus [ 614 km] 2 St. Jantars, a PIK 20 [ 572 km ] and an LS3, all flying an FAI 500 triangle, I was pleased to see what great autumn weather they have over there for soaring.

While parts from NSW sadly suffer from flooding, pilots in the East and West still continue with nice long x-country flights.

"The best day in five years," was a remark from one of the pilots flying from Beverley. Not long after I got this message from my friend in Perth and I knew enough:
"Record breaking heat wave for Perth".
---" Hope your weather is warming up – I wish ours would cool down!

Perth looks set to break a record this weekend – an eighth heat wave (three consecutive days of 35C or more) this summer season - even though it’s not summer anymore! Yesterday was 38, today 40 (it is still 38 degrees while I am typing this at 5:15 pm), forecast 40 for Sunday and 37 Monday.---"
So they might have some more terrific autumn flights today and tomorrow!

Not long ago I mentioned the German Sportsoldiers in my blog. For 2012 they have six new young men and from March 4th till March 31st, they do training with top pilots, in France in Puimoisson in 2-seaters such as the ARCUS T, but also single seaters like the ASW 24, Discus or LS 8.

One of the trainers is professional Team Captain and trainer/coach Uli Gmelin.
What a sterling job they do in Germany to "create" new world champions.

When I looked at their site [ this time kept by sportsoldier Max Lecker], I was wrapped by a picture made by sportsoldier Felix Bauer and asked Benjamin Bachmeier, my young blogger-mate and sportsoldier last year—and yes also the one who flew a 1000 km from Stonefield with mate and sportsoldier Fabian—how to get it for you too. No worries—they all cooperated and here it is! Enjoy!

Courtesy; Felix Bauer.

Spring has definitely started in Holland. Proof;the first egg of a peewit has been found up north [Friesland] in Holland. Traditionally that's the beginning of spring and goes with all kind of ceremonies. More proof the sun is shining brightly now, it's 12°C and...I am going to enjoy it now.

Last but not least. It is March 11 today, one year after the earth quake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. My thoughts are with my Japanese friends.

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Cheers Ritz

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