Fantastic Condo Wave Clouds [from the web]

We want to thank Gary Childers for the post.  Quite interesting photo and even more interesting since Dan Satterfield is the meteorologist here in Huntsville where the Soaring Cafe editors live! — the Editors

Image taken by J.R. Hott of Panhandle Helicopters of Panama City, Fl. on Sunday 5 Feb.

Panhandle Helicopter tours posted this pic on their Facebook page Sunday, and I sure wish I’d been on the ride! What is happening here is fairly easy to explain and it has to do with the wind, the condos, and the moisture in the air.  Read the rest of Dan Satterfield’s blog post here.

Bill Elliott

Bill is a Soaring Cafe Co-Founder and the Publishing Editor. He is a two-time U.S. 18m national champion with extensive racing and cross-country soaring experience. He represented the U.S. in the 18 meter class at the 2010 and 2012 FAI World Gliding Championships Bill earned his airplane rating in 1981, but was looking for new challenges by 1989 when the lure of motorless flight induced him to join the Huntsville Soaring Club. After soloing in a Blanik L – 13, Bill began soaring cross country in the club 1-26, then bought a Duster followed by an HP-18 a few years later. It was with that HP-18 that he won the Region 5 South Sports Class Championship in 1995, his first championship. 


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  1. Dirk
    February 12, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    Hotel hopping with a glider!??
    Looks feasible, but don’t try this with steel-framed planes. ;-)

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