Bitterwasser Airfield Tops OLC List! And…”They don’t do things here, they live it,” says Jeroen about Chaves!

It can't go wrong anymore for Bitterwasser to be on top of the statistics for the best airfield on the OLC list for the 2011/2012 season.

They call it themselves already, "a record year," and so they should. Several flights of over 1200 km and too-many-to-count 1000 km flights, as well as other very enjoyable flights were flown and shared with all of us via the OLC. TOP!!!

No doubt they had over the whole period the best weather, the largest number of pilots flying and for that reason the most kilometers and points. have to see it all in perspective as Pokweni and Kiripotib, both in Namibia, had more or less the same weather circumstances, only fewer pilots. And for that reason ...Corowa "fights" against Bitterwasser with at this stage 57 pilots and that's even less then half of what Bitterwasser had for pilots. One thing is sure: Namibia had top circumstances to be the best and...Australia had them certainly in January. At this stage Corowa is second behind Bitterwasser [ their season is over now] and  Corowa pilots  "fight" to get closer as the weather is still good over there. They continue till mid-February, but days are getting shorter now.

In the end the winners are ALL the pilots who went overseas to "indulge" in this fantastic weather.

If you have not seen it, here are the statistics from Bitterwasser and Corowa, through today.

Number of guests: 132                                                     57
Number of flights: 824                                                 606
Total kilometers flown: 591.354,69                 343.446,76
OLC-points: 580.159,04                                     348.787,63

Chaves had its pre-worlds and the organisers can start now to look at what went wrong, what went well and what could go better, to prepare the perfect "finishing touch" for the Worlds in the beginning of 2013. At least the winners will go home with a good feeling and the rest with good practice, new-found [local] friends, the knowledge they now have, and...where Chaves is on our world map.

For more news,  look at and for the very last news by Jeroen, from Chaves; you can read more on
" They don't do things here , THEY LIVE IT!!!!!! "  by Jeroen.

CU again next week!


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