Antares Fuel Cell Research Project

Editors' Note: Thanks to Guenter Pelz for sending us this report.

In regard to more "green propulsion systems", I would like to bring your attention to a 6:31 video report from a German television station (SWR3) that focuses on clean energy. In this report, they show the status of the Antares H2/H3 research project by using fuel cells to operate the Antares 20 meter sailplane as the testbed to gain experience in fuel cell technology.  or

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  1. Francisco Leme Galvão
    November 17, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    Fantastic! Antares is indeed a large brick paving the road towards the soaring “electrizing” future when the DCFCs (Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells) will be available.

    Francisco Leme Galvão

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